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Between mid-May and mid-August 2011, after thousands of miles, hundreds of handshakes and dozens of high-level meetings, AJC lay leaders and staff have conducted over 250 meetings -- in 17 regions across the United States and in 25 countries -- with high level officials from 68 foreign governments, including all 27 member states of the European Union about keeping the Palestinian Authority from bypassing negotiations or further imperiling the prospects for peaceNo other organization has succeeded -- nor even engaged -- in such a large-scale global advocacy initiative against the Palestinians' unilateral drive for statehood  

Together, AJC has weighed in to combat myths, speak out for Israel, and identify the path to peace and we are not done. AJC will continue to meet with foreign diplomats throughout the summer, culminating in September with our annual Diplomatic Marathon, during which AJC leaders from across the country will engage in private meetings with over 70 foreign governments on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

Here's How You Can Help

Rather than enter into direct negotiations with Israel, the Palestinian Authority has mobilized allies to support a United Nations (UN) resolution that would unilaterally endorse a Palestinian state. This action, however, will not resolve anything. Only negotiations between the parties can lead to a secure and lasting true peace. To combat this dangerous initiative, American Jewish Committee (AJC) is leading the efforts to mobilize organizations across Washington and around the world to take part in a Global Campaign to Support Peace and Resist Palestinian Unilateralism.

Throughout the next few months, you will receive periodic Global Alerts that will provide specific action steps to take part in AJC's global campaign to safeguard Israel’s future. Here are four easy ways to take action now and join the Global Campaign to Support Peace and Resist Palestinian Unilateralism:

1. Sign the Petition to the President: We're putting peace first and asking world leaders to join the call against unilateral action - and for a viable peace process between Palestinians committed to coexistence and Israel.  Your voice is a crucial part of encouraging President Obama to employ maximum diplomatic leverage for this cause and we need to begin laying the groundwork right away.  Click HERE to add your name to the petition and push back on actions that can only hurt the prospect for peace in the Middle East. 

2.  Host a Speaker: Experts may be available to provide opportunities for your synagogue or Israel Action Committee to learn more about efforts to support true peace and combat Palestinian unilateralism at the UN. Interested? Contact Seattle@ajc.org or 206.622.6315 to learn more.

3. Reach Out to Neighbors, Civic Leaders and Faith Communities: Through your organization or on your own, engage friends and neighbors and inform them of this critical issue. If appropriate, you can also invite them to join  our campaign. For a sample letter to send to community friends, please contact us at Seattle@ajc.org or 206.622-6315.

4. Invite Your Organization to Join the Campaign: Invite a synagogue, Israel Action Committee, or other organization to join the Global Campaign to Support Peace by having them contact Seattle@ajc.org or 206.622.6315

AJC Seattle Advocacy - Meetings with Consuls General

In past weeks, AJC diplomats have met with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors, Consuls General and other political and community leaders to alert them to the acute danger posed by Palestinian unilateralism at the UN. Leaders of six nations have expressed support for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and announced their opposition to Palestinian unilateral action at the UN. These countries include: Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and the United States.



This summer, AJC Seattle delegations have met with Seattle-based permanent Consuls General and Honorary Consuls from the countries of Canada, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, & Italy. 


AJC Seattle Meets With Washington's Congressional Delegation 

Both the US Senate and House of Representatives have overwhelmingly passed resolutions urging the Obama administration to oppose the endorsement of a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood at the September UN meetings. In addition, they affirmed the need for direct negotiations to arrive at a stable, secure and true peace. House Resolution 268 had 289 co-sponsors and was passed by a vote of 407 to 6.  Eight out of nine members of Washington’s Congressional delegation voted in favor of this resolution. Senate Resolution 185 had 88 co-sponsors and was passed by unanimous consent. Both of our senators voted in favor of this resolution.



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